Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Topic: Scrap-rate

How to Avoid Material Degradation at Start-Up

Material degradation is a costly concern for all thermoplastic processors. Contamination causes..

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Injection Molding Troubleshooting: Focusing on the Non-Return Valve

Most conventional thermoplastic molding machine injection units consist of a screw, non-return..

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Remember Why It's Important to Use Purging Compounds

Although it's 2019 and purging compounds are growing in popularity, many companies..

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Injection Molding Defects: Poor Color Dispersion

Injection molding defects are frustrating.  All processors can agree on that.  The worst..

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Injection Molders-Let's Vent!

Rather than talk business, politics, sports, or daily workplace situations common to the theme,..

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Are You Using More Purge Compound Than You Did Before?

Is your purging compound not performing as well as it did in the past?  Are you using more than..

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Stop Your Cash From Going Down the Drain

I have visited so many molding facilities over the last 25 years as a Corporate Processing..

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2 Common Causes of Distortion in Injection Molding

A common defect found in injection molding is Distortion. Distortion is when the molded part is..

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Proactive & Reactive Purging

Although there are countless different kinds of processors that can benefit from purging..

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11 Tips for Avoiding Material Degradation in Your Thermoplastic Extruder

All plastics processors at some point will face the issue of degradation of plastic.


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