Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Topic: Injection-molding-troubleshooting

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Do you struggle with scrap and excessive downtime?

Every successful processor looks for new ways..

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Sticking Ribs on Clip Towers and Locators

If you have been a processor in a molding shop, big or small, you have had this issue once or..

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3 Typical Material Changes Where Mechanical Purging Compounds Shine

During initial tests at a mold injection plant in Tlajomulco de Zuñiga, the process engineer..

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High Cavitation Injection Molding

High Cavitation Injection Molding presents its own unique set of challenges within the subset of..

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Purge Compounds--For Dessert?

For many processors, purge compounds are just a small piece of the pie for their business. Many..

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Injection Molding Tips: Mold Preventative Maintenance

Preventative mold maintenance should be a priority for all companies, but many companies fail to..

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Injection Molding Defects: Brittleness

With injection molding there are many variables that go into a good part.  These include..

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Preventative Maintenance: The Best Offense is a Good Defense

I think it is safe to say everyone in a manufacturing environment has heard a colleague say, “if..

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Large Injection Molder Solves Manifold Issues with Preventative Purge Program

A large injection molding company was having issues cleaning out their manifold. Although, this..

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You know you should implement a purge program, but how do you get started? 

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