Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Topic: Injection-molding

Easy Startups After Your Holiday Shutdown: Start 2022 with Good Parts

When you wrap up 2021 and shutdown your machines for your holiday, make sure you're setting..

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Easy Startups After Thanksgiving Shutdown Sealing with Asaclean

Oxidation and polymer degradation are common problems in plastics processing.  When Oxidation..

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Two-Step Purging: High-to-Low Temp Changeovers Without Black Specks

We know that very few plants are only running super-engineering resins, engineering resins, or..

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4 Preventative Purging Tips to Super-Charge your Preventative Maintenance

A lack of a preventative purging program may be costly in terms of plastics processing..

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Fuel Your Purge Program with the 3 Key Types of Purging Compounds

While cost of resins and raw materials continues to rise, it’s hard to overstate the incredible..

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2 Reasons Why Your Machine’s Auto-Purge Function Sabotages Your Purging Results

Many plastics processors and convertors have told me some of their injection molding machines..

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Asaclean Cheat Sheet: The Right Purging Compound for Most Situations

When processors start using purging compounds, many do not know where to start when it's time to..

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Injection Molding FAQ: What is Cushion & why do I need to hold it?


Injection Molding has a lot of strange sounding terms. Fill time, back pressure, shot size,..

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Optimizing Shot Size When Purging Molding Machines

Contrary to popular belief, you should never perform shots at 100% when purging an injection..

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