Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Topic: Extrusion-troubleshooting

Tips on Managing Your Total Cost per Purge: Inventory and the Case for Larger Order Quantities

Purging compounds are a unique material in the plastics world. As such, they deserve a category..

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Friction & Maintaining Output of Your Single Screw Extruder

The single screw extruder is the workhorse for many extrusion processors. It is relied upon..

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Understanding Polymers & Carbon Contamination

In Greek, the word Polymer by definition, means “many parts”, and it usually consists of a..

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3 Quick Tips for Faster Start-Ups

A custom injection molding plant with more than 25 years of experience providing complete..

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Purge Your Thinking:Regrind Will Cost You

“Purging Compounds are too expensive. We will use our own resin or regrind instead.”

These are..

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Is Overuse of Mold Release Hurting Your Injection Molding Process?

Many years ago, I performed a trial at a Midwest Injection Molding company.

They asked me to..

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Looking to Try a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project?

Today’s plastics industry is a competitive landscape. Processors are continually looking for..

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Cutting Corners Can Be Costly When It Comes to Purging

I like to think of myself as being very “money savvy.” I always look for a bargain even when it..

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How to Effectively Deal With Extrusion Die Drool

One of the most detrimental challenges extrusion processors face is the occurrence of Die Drool,..

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