Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Topic: Extrusion-purging

How Blocking Cavities Hurts Your Profits

When we last spoke, we discussed how Injection Molders sell “TIME” and how producing scrap parts..

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Manufacturing & Sustainability in Plastics Processing

Coming from a background in research and development- an area of research very close to my heart..

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5 Ways Your Scrap Rate is Costing You

Rejected injection molded parts are plastic parts that your customer will not purchase either..

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ASACLEAN™ Launches Free Asaclean University Learning Program at the University of Akron

Sun Plastech, Inc. introduced a free purging educational program with an on-campus presentation..

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Root Cause Analysis of Processing Issues

I often receive a phone calls from customers who have a problem that needs fixing. Yet very..

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5 Steps for Your Next Valve-Gated Hot Runner Changeover

In my experience I have seen several processors in the injection molding industry have issues..

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How Polymer Branching & Molecular Weight Impact Processability

When I begin my conversation with any customer, my first question is usually, “what is your main..

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The Solution to Pollution is Dilution

This statement was explained to me one of the very first times I performed a changeover...

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