Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Topic: Extrusion-purging

Easier Profile Extrusion Color Changes with Chemical Purges & Concentrates


Are you having issues changing colors, losing massive amounts of scrap, or hours of equipment..

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Half the Purge, Double the Savings: Reducing Scrap in PVC Extrusion

An extrusion company asked us for a consultation to assist in purging rigid PVC from extruders,..

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Customer FAQ: Why Do I Need to Purge If I Only Process Black Resins?

In my career in plastics processing and working for Asaclean, I've run into many examples of..

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Surviving the Rise in Resin Costs: Purging is Your Secret Weapon

The cost of resins has been on the rise since last year, and some production facilities may be..

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3 Questions That Maximize Your Purging Cost Savings

If this past year has taught us anything, it's that there are so many things we cannot control...

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Expert Purging Tips for Your Top 5 Processing Headaches

I recently asked my customers to share with me what their Number 1 processing problem was. The..

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