Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Topic: Extrusion

Finding the Sweet Spot With a Chemical Purge

There are three different types of purge compounds:

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Concentrate


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Clear Savings: Why a 2-Purge Combo Might Be Your Key to Success

Nowadays, plastics and their applications change and grow rapidly. This has led to more..

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Now is the Best Time to Implement a Blow Molding Purge Program

Blow Molding is a unique form of plastic processing. It’s of course very different from..

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How Well-Run Shops Can Still Improve Savings on Color Changes

Most of our posts talk about situations where facilities are struggling and we help them solve..

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Customer FAQ: Why Do I Need to Purge If I Only Process Black Resins?

In my career in plastics processing and working for Asaclean, I've run into many examples of..

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Purging Options for Blow Molding Machines Have Come a Long Way

Blow molders face all of the same processing challenges as molding and extrusion shops, but..

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Failure Equals Success When Processing Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics (PCRs)

To paraphrase Thomas Edison when asked how it felt to fail at making a light bulb over 1000..

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4 Tips for Easier Start-Ups for Large Extruders

Extrusion is complicated. There are countless variables and different processes, and machine..

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