Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Topic: Ex-grade

Color Streaking - Common Causes and Easy Solutions

Plastics processors who run multiple colors and materials on the same processing equipment will..

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Chemical Purge Tip: Put The Heat Where You Need The Help

When using a chemical purge compound, remember to help the chemical action do the work.  If you..

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7 Steps to Reduce the Overheating of Mechanical Purge Compounds

I’ve worked with numerous injection molding and extrusion plants over the course of my career..

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Injection Molding Defects:Poor Color Dispersion

Injection molding defects are frustrating.  All processors can agree on that.  Especially ones..

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3 Mechanical Tips to Help Assist with Screw Pull Overhauls

A process engineer and I have been actively working on a purge program for a new aerospace..

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5 Mechanical Purging Tips to Avoid Painful Screw Pulls

I started working on purge program earlier this year with a process engineer at an injection..

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