The Battle of Proper Procedure vs. Processor Knows Best


Procedure vs. Experience

During a recent visit to a veteran customer’s plant we started an efficiency investigation.  We took a tour of the plant and asked several Asaclean users on different shifts to confirm how the machines operate when performing the purging procedure. Each operator described a procedure different from the one recommended by the Asaclean Purging Experts. What really stood out was that not one single operator asked, “Is that OK?” or “am I doing it right?" It was obvious that the processors believed their experience made them know better.

Cases like these are the rule and not the exception. Some traditional practices on how to purge a plastic injection molding machine or extruder have been around decades and they are the first thing to come to mind after so much repetition throughout the processor’s career.  Process engineers and production users are always busy. It is easy and convenient to think, “This is a purge and I already know how to purge a machine.” These processors don't go any further and consider that there are different purges and therefore different procedures are required. In the end, part of this responsibility lies with the seller, as he is required to always advise users to avoid deviating from the procedure to avoid undesired variations.

Tradition is hard to ignore and habits are hard to break. However, there are benefits in following the most appropriate methods when using a purge. So making sure which method is best together with your Technical Sales Rep will give you better results. Both should work as a team making the necessary adjustments and it results comparison should always be performed to confirm which of the methods is optimal for you for a specific purge, considering that there are many in the market.

Learning never ends and coaching helps keep you up-to-date and confirm best practices.

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