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Wasted Money By Not Purging

I have visited so many molding facilities over the last 25 years as a Corporate Processing Engineer as well as a Technical Sales Representative. One common denominator in so many of these Injection Molding facilities is there current purging method--or lack thereof. I have listed a few hurdles that your facility may or may not consider.

  • The first hurdle is understanding the importance of the short and long-term cost avoidance of using a Commercial Purge Compound.
  • The second hurdle is Commitment to training and monitoring the process put into place.
  • The third is the one I would like to talk about. It is cleaning your machine and mold before the mold change.

Have you set up your purge process to clean the machine at the end of your production run before the mold change occurs? Cleaning before mold changes allows you to clean the screw, barrel, and the molds manifold. Now the mold that is getting pulled is clean and will set with purge material throughout the manifold. This is what I would call a Shutdown and Seal of the manifold. Once the next tool is set you start up with production.

Learn more about improving your profitability with proper purging compounds and processes.

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