Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Lenny Gutierrez

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Half the Purge, Double the Savings: Reducing Scrap in PVC Extrusion

An extrusion company asked us for a consultation to assist in purging rigid PVC from extruders,..

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How Layering Hurts Your Extrusion Output

A profile extrusion plant presented us with a reduced output problem. Production was deemed “too..

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Optimizing Shot Size When Purging Molding Machines

Contrary to popular belief, you should never perform shots at 100% when purging an injection..

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4 Ways to Reduce Hot Runner Manifold Contamination

Hot runners are incredibly useful tools for producing consistent, high-quality parts. But hot..

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Best Practices for Displacing Purging Compounds

Picture this: you’re about to finish purging a machine.  You’re diligently monitoring the purge..

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