Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Kiran Raza

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Sealing is the Magic Word

Many times when I go into a plant or am on the phone to the customer, “sealing” can feel like a..

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Breakthrough for Blown Film Processors: Case Study

If you are a blown film manufacturer, you will understand the importance of maintaining the..

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Avoiding Cross-Contamination

When changing from one resin to another on an injection molding machine or extrusion line, one..

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Understanding Polymers & Carbon Contamination

In Greek, the word Polymer by definition, means “many parts”, and it usually consists of a..

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Tacking the Manifolds:How to Use Chemical & Mechanical Purges To Clean Hot Runners

Over the past several years, I’ve been dealing with the issue of tackling the hot runner..

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Cutting Corners Can Be Costly When It Comes to Purging

I like to think of myself as being very “money savvy.” I always look for a bargain even when it..

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Chemical Purging for Dies and Hot Runners

I have recently heard from a few customers, who have been using our mechanical purge compounds,..

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Before & Beyond the Barrel!

Quite often in polymer processing (injection molding and extrusion), several steps need to be..

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