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Kiran Raza

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3 Questions That Maximize Your Purging Cost Savings

If this past year has taught us anything, it's that there are so many things we cannot control...

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Expert Purging Tips for Your Top 5 Processing Headaches

I recently asked my customers to share with me what their Number 1 processing problem was. The..

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5 Tips for Processing Heat-Sensitive Resins in Sheet Extrusion

Recently I performed a trial at a PVC sheet extruder who produces roofing. It took them 8-12..

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How to Reduce Gels & Black Specks in PE During Conversion

PE resins in particular can be prone to gels and black specks – these are a structural defect..

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Reducing Machine Downtime

When carrying out maintenance on your machines, manufacturers can exhibit downtime from anywhere..

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Manufacturing & Sustainability in Plastics Processing

Coming from a background in research and development- an area of research very close to my heart..

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Root Cause Analysis of Processing Issues

I often receive a phone calls from customers who have a problem that needs fixing. Yet very..

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How Polymer Branching & Molecular Weight Impact Processability

When I begin my conversation with any customer, my first question is usually, “what is your main..

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Making the Right Choice for Your Purging Compound

When there are a lot of processors on your production floor AND a lot of processes, a..

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Purge Trials:Why it's Time You Get Around to It

It is important to review your purge program and discuss it with your colleagues.  Yet for many..

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