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Kevin Cradduck

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Molding Tips: Check These 5 Common Causes to Solve Parts Sticking

This is a common problem on the production floor. Parts sticking is and can be a difficult..

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11 Advanced Processing Tips to Save Time in Injection Molding

The world of injection molding is constantly evolving. With new processes and new process..

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Cost Per-Lb vs. Cost-Per-Purge: Open Your Mind For Better Results

Recently, a large automotive injection molding company in the southern region of the US was..

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Is your Material Loading System Draining Your Efficiency?

Are you having issues with your material loading system? Has your downtime and scrap increased?..

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Sticking Ribs on Clip Towers and Locators

If you have been a processor in a molding shop, big or small, you have had this issue once or..

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Large Injection Molder Solves Manifold Issues with Preventative Purge Program

A large injection molding company was having issues cleaning out their manifold. Although, this..

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Stop Your Cash From Going Down the Drain

I have visited so many molding facilities over the last 25 years as a Corporate Processing..

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Selecting Your Hot Runner System

Many of our blog posts focus on reactionary fixes to processing issues. Today I would like to..

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The 5 M's: Troubleshooting Process Defects


Many times when processes go awry the true cause is not identified.  Too often significant..

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