Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Glen Isenberg

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Why Purging With Polycarbonate is a Contamination Time Bomb

Anyone who processes polycarbonate knows how heat-sensitive the material can be.  PC operates..

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3 Small Processing Changes to Get On Your Boss's Good Side

In today’s world of plastics manufacturing, we are more focused than ever on prices, costs, and..

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Hurricanes & Plastics: What to Expect in Times of Uncertainty


The recent hurricanes have turned out to be major disasters, and my thoughts and prayers go..

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3 Benefits of Purging on the Fly in Film Extrusion

Purging on the fly is the fastest color change technique for purging your process equipment. ..

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Purge Your Thinking:Regrind Will Cost You

“Purging Compounds are too expensive. We will use our own resin or regrind instead.”

These are..

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