Purging Compound Insights And Tips

Chris Melchiore

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Extrusion FAQ: Can I Run Purge Through Melt Pumps & Static Mixers?

Many extrusion processors ask us whether or not you can run purging compounds through melt..

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Removing Carbon in Blown Film Lines

Blown film extrusion processors deal with the same processing issues as everybody else. When..

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Purchasing Best Practices for Purging Compounds

OK, all the testing has been done. Value has been created and documented. The processors have..

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The Hidden Value of Soak Time for Chemical Purging Compounds

I was recently in a plant technically supporting a chemical purge trial in a very large sheet..

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Purging Dies in Blown Film Extrusion

In some cases, purging a blown film line with a commercial purge compound to help with a..

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Chemical Purge Tip: Put The Heat Where You Need The Help

When using a chemical purge compound, remember to help the chemical action do the work.  If you..

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Are You Using More Purge Compound Than You Did Before?

Is your purging compound not performing as well as it did in the past?  Are you using more than..

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In Purging, Knowing is Half the Battle

Before I even think about what grade of purging compounds to recommend, the first thing I have..

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Want to Hold A Bubble While Purging?

Many of the blown film processors I work with have asked if we have a purge compound that will..

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Bridging the Gap

More often than not, thermoplastic processors run more than one resin. This is not a secret to..

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