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5 Easy Ways to Minimize Purging Compound Residue

Contamination and purging compound residue are costly to your plastics processing company – both..

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4 Tips for Faster Changeovers and Reduced Downtime

As a plastics processor, production downtime plagues your ability to increase profitability...

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3 Reasons Purge Training Should Be A Part of Your Processor Training

Many thermoplastics processors find that using purging compounds reduces machine downtime and..

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Easy Startups After Holiday Shutdowns: Start 2021 on the Right Foot

Oxidation and polymer degradation are common problems in plastics processing.  When Oxidation..

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3 Tips for Your 2020 Thanksgiving Shutdown

The challenges of 2020 make processing efficiency more important than ever. As you move closer..

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How Injection Molders Can Save Money Purging Super-Engineering Resins

Super-Engineering resins run at extremely high temperatures and require purges with a greater..

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Make Sure The Purge You've Been Buying Still Makes Sense for Your Processing Needs

A large injection molding plant in the Southeast has been buying Asaclean Purging Compounds for..

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How Back Pressure & Screw Speed Help Your Purge Perform

Back pressure is a huge factor in getting the most out of mechanical purging compounds.  It..

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