3 Reasons Why It's a Good Idea to Start a Purge Program Today


A purge program is a GOOD IDEA for all processors.

Are you currently thinking about exploring and implementing a quality purging program? Good idea! Let's take a quick look at some of the reasons why. A Purge Program is a great and sturdy foundation for you to become more efficient overall. You always need to start from somewhere, so I’ve listed 3 reasons why a strong purging program is a good idea for your injection molding or extrusion facility:

  1. Better Predictability
    In my opinion, having a regimen in place drives towards dependability and leads to reliability with higher confidence levels. You just know and have the peace of mind that you have the proper purge tools in-house to get the job done, whether it be proactive purge approach or a reactive purging approach. Having a sensible purging routine in play, that you can rely on, in a fast-moving production environment is a beautiful thing. Who wants less predictability in today’s markets?

  2. Quicker Changeovers & Start-Ups
    Very simple concept here, “time is of the essence”. Processors can complete color/material changeovers & start-ups smoother and faster with high-quality purging compounds. Most processors are acutely aware that when a press is down and not making sell-able parts, they are making less money. Generally, processors don’t want spend time watching their machines not produce parts. The less downtime and more up-time each press has, usually higher productivity rates are achieved. Just as one candid example, I recently wrote an article on how speedier start-ups of an Extrusion Blow Molding machine (EBM), helped them save in the neighborhood $4,640 for this one application. What processors can afford extended downtime and contamination issues?

  3. Cleaner, healthier machines
    When a purge program in place, generally you will have cleaner lines with less struggles overall. Most often cleaner machine means less quantity of purge compound required to get the job done. Furthermore, due to having cleaner machines, your ability to anticipate potential issues and pivot at a moment’s notice into another production run is greater. My company recently wrote an article listing a few reasons why purging compounds are necessary for beating your competition. Who doesn't want to gain an edge on their competitors?

You probably have noticed these ideas all tie into and go hand in hand with each other. Right now, and more than ever it seems like, I think having a solid purge routine in place and something that you can rely on is imperative. What’s #1 on your checklist?

Should you need any assistance starting a new purge program or enhancing an existing one, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at 800-787-4348 ext. 227 or bmoore@asaclean.com.

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