3 Benefits of Purging on the Fly in Film Extrusion

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Purging on the fly is the fastest color change technique for purging your process equipment.  Purging on the fly is essentially making sure the purge product is ready to load into your hopper at the end of a run, purging, and then going into next production with minimal down-time all while holding the bubble.

Not all purges are created equally here. There are many purging compounds incapable of holding a bubble, but fortunately for us, Asaclean offers several options that work very well for this type of technique.

 Here are 3 major benefits to purging on the fly. 

  • Removes previous resin, colorant, gels and carbon that may be present in the barrel from prior production run.
  • Reduce the down-time by holding the bubble, saving the time to re-string the line.
  • Minimal resin scrap and loss of production.  The next production will begin right behind the purge. 

Additionally, the purge should reduce oxidation and protect the equipment.  This technique will go faster and easier the more it gets applied, and additionally you will be doing a little preventative maintenance. 

Learn how to reduce machine downtime with five quick purging compound tips for your injection molding application.

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