Purging Compound Insights And Tips

5 Mechanical Purging Tips to Avoid Painful Screw Pulls

I started working on purge program earlier this year with a process engineer at an injection..

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5 Tips to Help Process Dry Hygroscopic Resins

When processing hygroscopic resins (resins that absorb moisture in their natural state), it is ..

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Selecting Your Hot Runner System

Many of our blog posts focus on reactionary fixes to processing issues. Today I would like to..

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Faster Startups: Sealing With Purge to Avoid Contamination

Oxidation and polymer degradation are common problems in plastics processing.  When Oxidation..

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Why Purging With Polycarbonate is a Contamination Time Bomb

Anyone who processes polycarbonate knows how heat-sensitive the material can be.  PC operates..

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Want to Hold A Bubble While Purging?

Many of the blown film processors I work with have asked if we have a purge compound that will..

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Backpressure & Decompression

 Back Pressure in an injection molding process is often defined as “the resistance of the screw..

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NPE Presentation & Giveaway Schedule


NPE 2018 is only 1 week away.

Last week we announced we would be giving away Beats® Solo3..

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6 Daily Giveaways at NPE 2018


NPE 2018 is less than two weeks away so we wanted to let you in on a fun surprise.

At NPE..

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