Purging Compound Insights And Tips

3 Easy Tips to Determine Your Cost Per Purge

How much is your company’s Cost per Purge?

I’ve worked with hundreds of thermoplastic..

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Is Overuse of Mold Release Hurting Your Injection Molding Process?

Many years ago, I performed a trial at a Midwest Injection Molding company.

They asked me to..

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Looking to Try a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project?

Today’s plastics industry is a competitive landscape. Processors are continually looking for..

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Stop Black Specks: Finding the Cause &  Solution for Carbon in Film & Sheet Extrusion

Black specks in film or sheet–especially in light-colored or clear plastics–lead to scrap,..

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Cutting Corners Can Be Costly When It Comes to Purging

I like to think of myself as being very “money savvy.” I always look for a bargain even when it..

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5 Tips If Your Injection Molding Machine Isn't Holding A Cushion

When processing thermoplastics in an injection molding machine, it is important to maintain a..

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How to Effectively Deal With Extrusion Die Drool

One of the most detrimental challenges extrusion processors face is the occurrence of Die Drool,..

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Blown Film or Cast Stretch Film? Learn the Difference

Learn the differences in Blown and Cast Stretch Films

The primary difference between these two..

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Chemical Purging for Dies and Hot Runners

I have recently heard from a few customers, who have been using our mechanical purge compounds,..

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Easy on the Grease, Injection Molders

A brand new shiny mold is a beautiful thing. 

That mold is paramount in a molders ability to..

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